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    (Promo) CHEMPIOIL Optima GT 10W-40 API SN/CF Premium Engine Oils (4 liter) with free gift
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    (Promo) CHEMPIOIL Optima GT 10W-40 API SN/CF Premium Engine Oils (4 liter) with free gift

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    SKU: CH9501-4ME-PROMO
    Weight: 5 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: Chempioil
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    (Promo) CHEMPIOIL Optima GT 10W-40 API SN/CF Premium Engine Oils (4 liter) with free gift

    • Cyber Wash & Shine 2Ltr (JA-A001-002)
    • Cyber Windscreem Clean & Coat 2in1 (JA-A008-201)
    • Cyber Tyre Shine (JA-A003-001)




    The company “Champion Chemicals LTD” unites years of sales experience and modern production technologies of engine and transmission oils by offering lubricants under the brand “CHEMPIOIL”.

    Our products distinguish themselves by high quality and distinctive features, both of which have been confirmed by laboratory tests as well as by practical operation in different type of engines and transmissions.

    Our reasonable approach towards the market allows us to reduce the costs on the way to our consumers to a minimum.

    High accuracy “like a Swiss watch” and quality control during production are our company’s main principles.

    • Semi-synthetic supermultigrade engine oil of the latest generation.
    • Specially designed for the lubrication of all 4-stroke gasoline, diesel, LPG, turbo, injection and multi-valve engines
    • Premium engine oils specialist for cars and transporters.
    • The engine oil provides complete engine protection against starting friction, heat stress and engine sludging for better performance and maximum engine life.
    • Excellent engine performance.
    • Exceptional protection at all engine temperatures.
    • Ultimate cold start protection against wear.
    • Exceptional fuel economy.
    • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability for longer drain interval.
    • Anti-wear and energy-saving formula.
    • High fluidity at low temperature due to the use of synthetic components.
    • Excellent anti-wear properties and very high resistance against ageing.
    • Low oil loss by evaporation. 

    Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
    ACEA A3/B4
    VW 502.00/505.00
    MB 229.1
    RENAULT RN0700

    • Protects paintwork from pollution, the weather and reduces oxidation process on the car\'s paintwork
    • Cyber Wash & Shine Car Shampoo - 2000ml
    • To cleans with an extra shiny
    • Cleans with an extra shiny finish with every wash.
    • Contain more foam for a better wash with an added fragrance.

    • Very easy to use
    • Non corrosive
    • Heavy duty
    • Anti static
    • This revolutionary invention cleans windshields and creates a hydrophobic protective coat on it. This layer repels rain water while driving in rainy conditions to achieve an optimal clear vision for safer driving.

    • More shiny tyres that last longer
    • Capacity: 150ml
    • Easy and fast!
    • Very economical usage
    • Cyber Tyre Shine is specially formulated to clean and shines all tyres
    • Able to clean and shine more than 150 tyres No washing needed

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