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    PicoScope WPS 500X Transducer Kit in Carry Case
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    PicoScope WPS 500X Transducer Kit in Carry Case

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    Brand: PicoScope
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    Although you can buy a WPS500X and accessories separately you can save money by purchasing the WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit. The kit includes the WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer together with a large selection of hoses and adapters – everything you’re likely to need and at a reduced cost compared to buying everything separately.


    • WPS500X pressure transducer
    • Carry case
    • USB cable
    • BNC to BNC cable
    • TA083: Fuel hose with large Schrader valve
    • TA117: Fuel hose with small Schrader valve
    • TA085: Vacuum hose
    • TA086: Bleed hose
    • TA087: Exhaust adapter
    • TA142: spare Foster series 2 quick coupler
    • TA213: Adaptor M10 short reach
    • TA216: Adaptor M12 deep reach
    • TA217: Adaptor M14 short reach
    • TA218: Adaptor M14 Deep reach
    • TA212: Standard compression hose for WPS
    • TA129: Universal vacuum adaptor


    The pressure transducer has become the essential diagnostic tool to assist with a multitude of pressure related tasks from -15 psi up to 500 psi, so replacing the majority of analogue gauges used today. With the ability to measure pressure against time we can now witness rapid events taking place that were never previously visible. Incorporated into the pressure transducer kit you will find multiple adapters and hoses to assist with a selection of the tests listed below taking diagnostics to a whole new level.

    • In cylinder pressure tests
    • 4 stroke cycle visibility
    • Exhaust gas pulsations
    • Intake manifold pressure fluctuations
    • Crankcase pressure measurements
    • Diesel injector back leakage tests
    • Fuel pressure tests up to 500 psi

    30A Current Clamp

    WPS500X Usage

    * Please take note that WPS500X kit is an accessories for 4425 Standard, 4425 Advanced, 4425 Master Kit. It is unable to operate alone without any 4425 Kit set. Kindly contact us for more information on PicoScope Product. ( add at product description & review )

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