KleenGuard™ A20+ Breathable Particle Protection Hooded Coveralls 95160 - White, M, 1x1 (1 total)

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KleenGuard™ A20+ coveralls offer ultra-low-linting, anti-static and silicon-free protection against particles, fibres and light sprays of water-based liquids. The protective coveralls can be used for a variety of applications, including emergency services, agriculture, general maintenance and cleaning, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture and handling low risk chemicals.

KleenGuard™ A20+ coveralls are manufactured using a lightweight and breathable SMS fabric to aid the body in maintaining thermal comfort and help improve worker performance and productivity. The outer layer is abrasion-resistant for durability. Thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up and exposing the forearm and strong, triple stitched seams help protect against tearing. The body, hood and waste have been ergonomically designed for extra worker comfort.

KleenGuard™ A20+ coveralls are available in sizes small through to XXX Large. The compact packaging is ideal for vending machines and reduces waste in the workplace. These coveralls are certified as complex design (category 3) equipment, offering protection to levels specified for type 5/6 CEN. KleenGuard™ protective coveralls, by Kimberly-Clark Professional®, form part of a wider range of products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

  • Single-use, maximum comfort.
  • Provides general protection against powders, larger fibres, radioactive dust & chemical splashes.
  • Perfect for general maintenance, cleaning & construction utility areas. White.