Puppyoo S9 Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Horizontal Household High-Power High-Suction Multiple Filter

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Puppyoo S9 Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Horizontal Household High-Power High-Suction Multiple Filter 

Brand: Puppyoo

Model No: S9-CYCLONE




Packaging size (mm)                             : 440 x 277 x 328 (L x W x H)

Rated power (W)                                  :1400W

Dust storage type                                 :Dust cup

Rated voltage (V)                                 : 220V

Dust bucket capacity (L)                       :2.5L

Product gross weight                            : 8.44kg

Warranty                                              :2 years



Function parameter

Suitable for floor material                     : Floor tiles; wood floors

Number of tips (pieces)                        : 4

Tip type                                              :2 in 1 wide flat suction

Lifetime (h)                                         : 1h




  • Patented technology, core competitiveness
  • 6 smart shaft wheel design, more smooth operation
  • Integrated machine body, chassis reinforcement design
  • Master cleaner brush, throw wipe mop drag integrated functions
  • 300W suction power, deep cleaning
  • 28kPa vacuum, rapid dust collection
  • Independent cyclone cone design, more thorough separation of dust and gas
  • 8 Filtration, lock allergen
  • Double HEPA, avoid secondary pollution
  • One button double gear, one button collect wire
  • Washable and free consumables, easy to care

Integrated Design

Innovative integrated main body design (all-in-one), structure is more compact and seamless. Every curved surface is plump and powerful.Reinforced chassis more sense of security.


Large Suction Power

Motor speed is 40000RPM, provides 300W large suction power, vacuum could up to 28kPa. Bringing a powerful cleaning experience.


Easy Operation

One button to operate. Double front universal casters + four rear casters. Uniform force, flexible and easy obstacle crossing, especially to clean high place, switch point of strength easily, more convenient to use.


Easy Wire Collection

Built-in automatic coiling device, one button to collect 5 meters long power wire, farewell to the troubles of coiling.


Convenient Ash Pouring

One button to empty dust cup, to avoid dust flying and causing secondary air pollution. It is easy to operate. Clean life begins here.


Washable Filter Components

Filter components are washable. It is environmental and no consumables.