Digital Safe Box (Antique Brass) BGX-D1-45JJD

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Digital Safe Box (Antque Brass)
Brand: TigerKing
Model: BGX-D1-45JJD 

Size: 43cm x 36cm x 50cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 25kg
Color: Black

Digital keypad: This safe has an easy to operate digital system that lets you get to your stored items fast and without fuss.
4 live-locking bolts: This has four 1 inch thickness live-locking bolts in the side of the door.
Strong construction: The storage box is very well built and has a 2.8 inch thickness door plate.
Warning alarm system: An alarm will go off if the wrong codes are inputted.
Removable shelf: The interior shelf can be removed to increase storage space.
2 options of operation: There are two ways to unlock the safe. Use the Master key with your personal code or Master key, emergency key and your code.