Torayvino Dechlorinating Shower Head (Grey)

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Torayvino Dechlorinating Shower Head (Grey)

Thoroughly remove hair & skin damaging residual chlorine.

The chlorine contained in tap water oxidizes lipid and protein on your hair or skin, which may cause the split ends, broken hair, dandruff, itching sensation, rough surface, or dry skin.

Gentle to Skin

- It has the large number of holes with smaller diameter than conventional product.

* Enjoy a shower of gentle water flow yet with plenty of water volume. Because of the silky touch water flow, those who have atopic dermatitis and allergies can feel comfortable to use this product.

Economical: Easy switch between pure water and tape water, saves filter cartridges lifespan without being wasted.

- You can switch to tap water when cleaning the bathtub, to pure water when washing hair and body. It is a convenient function that allows you to use the shower efficiently without wasting filter material.

- Filter cartridge lifespan is economical at 5 months. It has 30% water saving compared to conventional model when using tap water shower.

- Dechlorinates water to make it gentler on hair and skin.

- Switch easily between filtered or unfiltered water.

- Showering in filtered, dechlorinated water is gentler on sensitive skin even for a delicate baby skin.

- Protect your hair and skin from chlorine damage

- Using safe materials (approved as a food additive)

- Easy to grip slim handle with dimples

- Easy switching between chlorine removal and tap water

- Weight: 0.4kg

- Filter Media: Fiber activated carbon

- Filtration capacity: 12,000L*

- Recommended cartridge use duration: 5 months*

- Consumption for above: 80L/day

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