Joyoung Household Visualization Washable Filter Tap Kitchen Desktop Front Faucet Water Purifier - FREE 4 replacement filter

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Product Name: Joyoung  Water Purifier Household Faucet Filter Tap Kitchen Direct Drinking Purification Machine JYW-T03 
Model: JYW-T03
Applicable Water Quality: Municipal tap water
Suitable For Water Temperature:4-40c
Net Weight:0.3kg
Gross Weight:0.5kg

[Five-stage filtration] Five-stage filtration, clean water is more healthy, effectively remove harmful substances in water, and ensure drinking water safety. The first level: 304 stainless steel filter (filtering tiny impurities) second level: ceramic filter element (filtering harmful chemicals, Inhibition of pathogens) Level 3: Coconut shell activated carbon (adsorption of residual chlorine, rust, improved taste) Level 4: High-precision pp cotton (prevents suspended impurities, particles enter the filter element) Level 5: 304 stainless steel filter screen (to prevent tiny impurities from entering )

[Material Safety & Transparent Window] Food grade ABS material, safe and healthy. The state of use of the filter element is clear at a glance, so keep an eye on cleaning in time.
[The filter element can be cleaned without electricity] The 4 filter elements can be used for about 2 years. It can clean the surface of the ceramic filter, such as sediment, rust and algae. Without electricity, you can easily switch the raw water to the cold water. (Hint: This net The water does not contain heating function)
[Simple installation] Most faucets on the market can be installed, and it can be installed in a few minutes. The faucet is suitable for 13-22mm 

(Tips: Please confirm the size before installation)