Cyber Wash & Wax Car & Motorcycle Shampoo - 500ml

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Car & Motorcycle Wash & Wax 500ml

Model: JA-A016-001


·        Waxes while washing for shine & protection.

·        Leaves a protective coating.

·        Cleans, shines, and protects car & motorcycles without rinsing or washing.

·        Cyber Wash & Wax Car & Motorcycle Shampoo is formulated with a special selection of ingredients (Non Phosphate and Sodium Chloride). It contains a mild surfactant and wax which leaves a protective layer of wax on the paintwork and protects it from pollution and weathering. It reduces the oxidation process on the paintwork of any car or motorcycle.


Weight: 0.5kg

Dimension: 4cm x 10cm x 20cm (L x W x H)