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    The cleansers and cleaning agents solve everything, and are also available in environmentally friendly packaging. The effective stainless steel cleaner is to be emphasized. To ensure a safe ride, we recommend the brake cleaner, which also cleans metal. The contact spray is the perfect product for connecting terminals and plugs. For PVC floors, an ideal cleaner is also offered. The universal cleaner is versatile.

      BTI Cockpit Spray 250ML

      Perfect for looking after synthetics and rubber parts in cars

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      BTI ContactSpray 300ML

      Electrical equipment maintenance

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      BTI Glass Cleaner LLC 500ML

      Removes all types of dirt- inside and out

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      BTI Insect Remover

      Easily removes insects from lacquered surfaces, synthetics, glass and chrome.

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      BTI Metal Cleaner 300ML

      Powerfully cleans and degreases 

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      BTI Microfiber Cloth Orange

      Cleanliness, shine and protection for all flat areas without the need for prior cleaning.

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      BTI Multi Oil 300ML

      To lubricate, protect and clean, especially moving parts.

      • Very high water displacement

      Suitable as a contact spray

      • Also removes heavy rust

      Highly effective formula removes all types of heavy compounds

      • Removes soiling quickly and easily

      Can be used as a component cleaner

      • Provides long-lasting lubrication on hinges, joints etc

      Universal lubricants

      • Very good corrosion protection

      Prevents new rust from forming

      • Saves time and money

      Versatile use

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      BTI Multi purpose grease 300ML

      lithium saponified grease spray

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      BTI Orange Magic 250ML

      Cleanliness, shine and protection for all flat areas without the need for prior cleaning.

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      BTI Rim Cleaner 500ML

      New spray formula for perfect cleaning

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      BTI Rost-Ex 300ML
      • Extremely fast and powerful rust remover
      • Even the most stubborn rust deposits can be penetrated easily and removed
      • It penetrates even the smallest cracks
      • Absolutely safe- does not grip to flame cutters or cutting wheels
      • Can be applied in seconds- the specialist product for all heavily rusting or corroded surfaces.

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      BTI Seal Remover 300ML

      Unbeatable on sealants, paint and glue residue.

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      BTI Stainless Steel Cleaner 300ML

      Effective cleaner for soiled metal surfaces.

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      BTI Windscreen Cleaner Summer 250ML

      Removes smears, streaks, dirt and insects; for an anti-glare view

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