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    From spray guns and their accessories, to body repair kits and dust-free tools, Sealey offers a wide range of equipment designed
    for the professional bodyshop.

      (Clearance)  Sealey Air Hydraulic Pump 10tonne [Showroom Unit]
      • Suitable for use with SuperSnap® hydraulic ram as supplied with Model No. DZRE92/C Body Straightener and all body kits. 
      • Supplied without air hose. 
      • Also available with hose - Order Model No. RE83/840/CW
      RM2,639.46   2,111.57   20%
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      (Clearance)  Sealey PVC Chemical Handling Gauntlets 355mm Cuffed - Pack of 12 Pairs [Showroom Unit]
      • PVC coating on a cotton liner.
      • 355mm cuffed gloves give extra protection to the user.
      • Ideal for industrial and agricultural applications.
      • CE marked and conforms to BS EN 388 CAT 2.
      • Supplied in a pack of 12 pairs.
      • Model No. SSP32D
      RM288.00   230.40   20%
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      (Clearance) Sealey  Sealey Caulking Gun Skeleton Type Manual 330mm [Showroom Unit]
      • Suitable for 310ml cartridges up to 220mm length.
      RM41.61   33.29   20%
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      (Clearance) Sealey  Sealey Ear Defenders Disposable [Showroom Unit]
      • BS EN 352.2 - Pair of single use, disposable ear inserts provide comfortable protection from noise.
      • Included Components: 1 x Sealey SSP18D Ear Plugs Disposable
      • Batteries included: No
      • Model No: SSP18D
      • Weight: 9.1 Grams
      RM5.60   2.30   59%
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      (Clearance) Sealey  Sealey Caulking Gun For Sausage Packs & Cartridges 230mm [Showroom Unit]
      • Die-cast body with aluminium tube.
      • Supplied with plastic plunger and application nozzles.
      • Suitable for sausage packs and cartridges.
      RM110.12   88.10   20%
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Caulking Gun 220mm Air Operated [Showroom Unit]
      • Model No. AK41
      • Accepts standard 310ml cartridges.
      • Fitted with trigger control for smooth application of caulking.
      RM278.64   222.91   20%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Cordless Caulking Gun 4.8V Variable Rewind [Showroom Unit]
      • Ideal for dispensing 310ml cartridges and sausage packs. 
      • Anti-drip feature with variable rewind and variable speed control allows pinpoint control of caulking bead. 
      • Superb gun for dispensing all types of caulking - particularly suitable for windscreen repair applications. 
      • Variable rewind control reverses plunger when trigger is released, taking pressure off the cartridge, stopping the flow, saving the contents and reducing waste.
      RM2,053.80   330.50   84%
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Gold Series Gravity Feed Refinishing Spray Gun 1.4mm Set-Up [Showroom Unit]
      • Suitable for applying finishing coats.
      • 2-Stage trigger control and 0.6ltr plastic gravity feed pot.
      • Adjustable spray width and fluid flow.
      • Maintenance tools supplied.
      • Suitable for use with water based paints.
      • Alternative set-ups available separately.
      RM360.21   288.17   20%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Long Arm Riveter [Showroom Unit]
      • Die-cast head with 400mm long tubular steel handles for extra leverage.
      • Spring return and compound jaw action.
      • Supplied with four nozzles and suitable for aluminium and stainless steel rivets.
      • Fitted with comfortable rubber hand grips.
      • Includes nozzle spanner.
      RM304.63   170.60   44%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Paintless Dent Repair Kit 33pc [Showroom Unit]
      • A comprehensive set of starter tools for the professional bodyshop technician.
      • Heavyweight, heat treated, high quality steel components are carefully shaped and finished to allow the technician (with practice) to coax out all manner of dents and creases from behind the body panel, removing the need to respray/refinish the painted surface.
      • Time saving kit of tools supplied in zippered bag.
      • Results achieved with this kit will depend on the skill of the operator - sight board not included.

      RM4,515.49   3,612.39   20%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Spray Gun Gravity Feed [Showroom Unit]
      • High quality professional gravity fed spray gun, ideal for automotive refinishing.
      • 2-Stage trigger control and 600ml plastic gravity feed pot.
      • Adjustable spray width and fluid flow.
      • Supplied with a 1.3mm set up. 
      • Suitable for use with water based paints.
      • Maintenance tools supplied.
      RM315.93   252.75   20%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Spray Gun Standard Gravity Feed 1.4mm Set-Up [Showroom Unit]
      • Ideal for applying base coats. 
      • Features adjustable paint flow and fan width controls. 
      • Supplied with spun aluminium gravity feed pot and comfortable composite gun handle. 
      • Suitable for use with water based paints. 
      • Alternative set-ups available separately.
      RM246.36   197.09   20%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Spray Gun Suction Feed Siegen Brand 1.7mm Set-Up [Showroom Unit]
      • Supplied with 1.7mm set-up.
      • Fitted with air regulator control.
      • Air pressure 30-70psi.
      • Suitable for use with water based paints.
      • Supplied with cam action suction pot.
      RM353.88   283.11   20%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Floor Stand for IR1000 [Showroom Unit]

      Model no: IR1000ST

      • Sturdy 1870mm chrome plated stand.
      • Combines all the features of a flexible hand-held heater, with all the benefits of a freestanding panel dryer.
      • Full height 'slide and lock' heater bracket.
      • Ideal for use on small repairs and drying jobs, for example engine drying, stripe removal, filler drying, stone chip repairs and preheating prior to spraying.
      • Easy assembly and designed to suit Model No. IR1000 Hand-Held Infrared Panel Dryer.
      • Maximum Lamp Height: 2100mm

      RM841.23   260.54   69%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Sealey Underbody Coating Spray Set Air Operated Deluxe Model [Showroom Unit]

      Model no: SG16

      • Supplied with canister and wax injection probe.
      • Air Pressure: 90psi 
      • Air Consumption: 8cfm 
      • Air Inlet Size: 1/4"BSP
      RM401.32   321.06   20%
      Out of stock
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      (Clearance)  Siegen Aviation Shear 3pcs [Showroom Unit]

      • Drop-forged, Chrome Vanadium, tempered steel blades with serrated jaws.
      • Self opening, spring action handles with composite, contoured, colour-coded grips and safety catch.
      • Part Number : S0468 
      • Item Weight : 1.2 Kg
      • Product Dimensions : 3 X 28 X 32.5 cm 
      • Item Model Number : SO468
      • Item Package Quantity : 1
      • Batteries Included : No 
      • Weight : 1.2 Kg 

      RM134.10   101.21   25%
      Out of stock
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